Best tablet for QC

There’s 2 XLR ins with phantom power…would the QC not be fine for vocal recording? There is zero information floating about regarding the QC mic pre’s. I messaged an audio interface youtuber (Julian Krause) months ago suggesting/requesting a QC review from his perspective, but never heard anything back/no upload yet.

I’d assume Neural wouldn’t have hampered their capture process with shoddy mic pre’s…one would assume they’re clean and neutral, and a bit of vox colour could be added with a Neve plugin if needed…?

Ah yes that are two points:

  1. I am live musician. Studiowork annoys me. So 2 mikes and stereo recording is what I need. I had several mulitrack recorders over the years. Never used them.

  2. I work with the QC as a 4 chanal mixer. 2 mikes, 2 guitars. Somehow you feel it is not made for this. Tweeking EQ for vocals is hard work. But still top level quality in the end.
    QCs preamps beat any midrange digital mixer.
    So vocal recording is fine as long as you don‘t bother for using software built for guitars.

Give it a try.


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Not sure I will - I’m a more traditional guy :wink:

Plus, I already have a pretty decent recording setup - I often record full multitrack performances, where the QC is just one device among a lot of others, so I wouldn’t make it the centerpiece of my recording setup.

I appreciate that requirements can vary, and that the QC can be used to record microphones as well. Will just require a bit of a different workflow and way of operating things. That’s the nice thing about today’s musical equipment world - there are always multiple ways to get to your goal. And far be it from me to impose my way of thinking on others - there’s no “right” or “wrong”.

Just giving suggestions from my experience and my way of working - pick whatever is useful for you…

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Actually, I find it amazing what this little piece of equipment is capable of - essentially, you can run a singer-songwriter setup with two people playing guitar and singing from this one box!

The one thing that would run counter to my personal workflow is that essentially then the QC is both your guitar FX unit and your mixing desk. So every time you change your guitar sound, you need to think of the mics and the other guitar as well - I would find that kind of constraining, but of course tastes vary.

I can imagine that you can get quite a bit of mileage out of scene or stomp box mode to keep the vocal chains intact while changing guitar sound. And if your guitar sound doesn’t change so much over the course of a gig, of course you’re fine…

Just not quite my way of working - I would probably just carry a small digital mixer separate from the QC. But again, I am more of a traditionalist (says the guy who runs most of his instruments from a PC and/or digital FX units :grin:)

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My main problem is sound:

Using 1500€ Guitars through a 200€ digital Mixer is rubbish for me.

I vompaired presonus, dynacord , mixers with the QC. So Digital Mixers below 2000€ are not usefull. My favorite in the lowest level would be the allen heath QU16.

So, yes I use the stompbox mode and have several Presets with the same vocal cain. But as my guitars refere to different song styles I often tweek the Vocal channels as well.

As I do not use any overdrives, amps pr cabinets I definitely misise the QC.

Bit having a Looper, an Effectboard and a good sounding 4 chanel digital mixer in one floor box makes it worth the money.

A company called “Sound Devices”, specializes in professional level mobile sound solutions. That said they have affordable gear thats just awesome.

I have the 1st gen mixpre10. It functions mostly as an audio interface but when I need a mobile studio or am doing music outside this fits the bill. Can independently record multi-track. The limiters are amazing, So even if your mix isnt perfect you can post-mix to relative perfection.

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When it comes to the Work flow, I do not care so much for comfort, because companies that have poducts with real good workflow are too expensive for me.

But I would love to have a better User interface, than we have now.

Just looking at the designmistakes on the looper (no clear all function, no stop button After first record …) a boss rc500 has non of these problems.

In case of enough Money I would use the AH mixer the rc500 looper and would be glad, but its more than 1000€ plus in cost.

So for me the QC is the cheapest solution I could get.

A little offtopic here.

A few years ago I got a very cheap Chinese tablet that runs Android and Windows. Over 100€.

I got it for the Atomic and Kemper editors. I only use it for that purpose. It works great. I hope it will work with QC editor when it is available.

Definitely right. Besides recording there is no use for expensive Tenlets.