Best tablet for QC

I hoped you had not anwered: now I have to rethink my position again

But can you imagin a liveperformance as Singer songwriter with an upright laptop in front?

So still an add. Tablet is needed.

Would your tablet lie flat on the floor while you perform?
Maybe a some kind of laptop stand where the laptop is relatively low above the ground and tilted (screen looking upwards towards your face) would be a possibility?

I thought of the use of a regular big tablet on a stand that you usuallysee on stages.
It must be near enough to operste and read easily.

So the square screne of the Laptop is not the best solution.

But thanks for your thoughts.


Buy the older Surface Pro tablet and dual-boot Windows and Linux. Skip Apple or anything that starts with a little i.

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Using iPad Pro here. Any large screen iPad would do though.

Best bet from my perspective for that kind of budget:

  • a good-enough core i5 or Ryzen 5 laptop (Acer Aspire 3, Lenovo IdeaPad 3) → around 600-650 EUR. Make sure you get at least 16 GB RAM
  • a decent USB audio interface (Behringer uPhoria ~100 EUR, Zoom UAC 232 ~220 EUR) - don’t do recording using onboard audio card!
  • a simple 10 ‘’ Android tablet like the Lenovo Tab M10 – ca 140 EUR
  • Software: Reaper for recording - 60 EUR, LivePrompter for chords/lyrics (free)

full disclosure: I’m not completely neutral when it comes to chords/lyrics software - I built LivePrompter myself (for my own needs) and I’m giving it away for free…

Sounds reasonable, but what should I buy an audio interface for, as long as I own the QC.
Gonna check your Software. I never thought, I would need specific apps for Performance support, pdf files seened to be good enought.

Thanks for help

So, a little late to this thread…if you went the iPad route, which would be my recommendation, and then added OnSong on top of that, which I have used and others recommend, you can get super creative with the QC and midi.

For example, in OnSong you can program midi changes right into your song chart. Those midi changes (CC) can modify the QC when you select the song on the iPad. Example: Song 1 calls for preset ABC on the QC,. Song 2 calls for preset XYZ on the QC. With OnSong and midi, you can swipe from Song 1 to Song 2 on your Setlist in OnSong and it will automatically change the preset on your QC without you having to do it at the QC with your feet.

All you need is a low cost bluetooth midi interface like the Yamaha MD-BT01.

Setup would be something like this:

QC → Yamaha MD-BT01 on the QC midi IN / OUT → iPad connected via Bluetooth to the MD-BT01 → OnSong.

Little bit of a learning curve, but a really slick solution once you have it down.

Take it a step further, and you can record from the QC to the iPad via USB by getting one of the old iPad camera kit USB connectors (these are nice because you can use both USB and have the iPad charge at the same time). This lets you record in any DAW you have on the iPad. Side note, Cubase has a really nice iPad / Mobile version of their DAW specifically for the iPad, or you could use Garage Band, etc.

That setup is something like this:

QC → USB → iPad Camera Kit adapter → iPad → DAW

Ok that‘s an interesting answer:

Using an USB interface, I can record with the Ipad.

But using a Laptop I do not need it, right? So an other plus for Windows?

Sure you can record direct to the iPad. You just need a lightning to USB adapter or cord. Taking a laptop on stage would be cumbersome IMO. iPads (any size) are perfect for this. If its music related, go Apple.

IPad Pro or Air are very good recording solutions. I got an usb c to usb cable for the qc, to hook it up directly. As for daws, there is Cubasis and logic and both work great. Vsts are there, too. The Fabfilter plug-ins are my go to plugins and they are even cheaper on the iPad.
The touchscreen works great for programming drums or play some chords. All in all, it is a great solution for me.
I never had any problems or crashes.
For the final mix/master I go to my MacBook, but for everything else, I use the IPad, because it’s fast, easy and stable

Just gonna jump in here with my limited knowledge from USB headphone amps - I would assume what you need is the Camera Adapter. IIRC there are some 3rd party cables that will enable USB audio, but it wasn’t always guaranteed that a particular cable worked with a particular amp.

The air and Pro have usb c and work with everything I‘ve thrown at them. Focusrite Scarlett 18 with 16 Channels recorded simultaneously, the qc and some tascam interfaces

And for software I highly recommend loopy pro, for crafting fast ideas and looping. Great little app, with mixer and au support

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If you don’t want to spend to much on an iPad Pro, The iPad air 5th gen with an M1 chip is plenty powerful for recordings and setlists and being USB C you don’t need any adaptor.
I am currently using An iPad air 4th gen with the QC, to record loops with LoopyPro and I’ve not run out of power yet, even with plenty of plugins in it.
You can find the 4th gen used or refurbished and it has USB C as well.
There’s plenty of DAW to record, Logic is great but needs a subscription, otherwise Cubase, AUM or LoopyPro are great too.
And there’s plenty of plugins that run on iOS, so you don’t really need a desktop or laptop at all.

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IPad Air with an m1 is a great option. I would always recommend a m-Series chip, because with second screen support, you really have a Mac/PC type device, if you plug it to an external monitor

Hey apple fans, this is really convincing.
For the next 2 weeks Iam filled up with my small gigs, just me, Guitar, mike, my songs the QC and two HK-elements collumns…

So no time for experiments.

Seems that Microsoft vs Apple devides the world even in the privacy. No friend of mine uses Ipads, macs or other Apple-Products.

So I will look arround for a used one in my price range.

Thanks for support


Hi Olaf,
Give it a try and hopefully it will be as good as an experience as I had with it.
iPad air (m1) or iPad Pro (m1) and a Logitech combo keyboard should be enough. One thing you may need is a usb c dongle to connect the qc and a power chord simultaneously.
A have a Anker or for about 20€ which has all the ports I need (power usb a usb c hdmi and Ethernet)

Hey man

Do your dogs sing?
Wienna is allways good for interesting experinaces. Haven‘t been there for to long :wink:

Yes I think an M1 is sufficiant and there are some used arround here.


As long as you only want to record the QC, you sure don’t need a separate audio interface. I assumed you had broader recording activities in mind, e.g. recording vocals. Not really a core domain of the QC…