KSR PA 50 set up

How is everyone using their KSR PA50 to power their QC. Im seeing some suggestion to just use pre amp captures when running it, Im thinking its because the power amp has the tube character ex. 6L6 and it maybe doesnt make sense to have a capture of the power amp AND pre amp running through the KSR . Is there a specific way to just get captures of tube amps? Or is it a non issue.

I own a KSR PA-50 and would also like to know the best way to use it with the QC. My best guess is that you’d just have to try out various amp captures and see which ones work and make adjustments on the KSR. Some amp captures/models may sound better than others depending on how dominant the power amp sound in the capture or model is. Some may work, some may not. It would be nice if at least on the models, you could defeat the power amp stage if necessary. With captures, I assume both the preamp and power amp are captured but I’m not positive.

I just got my QC a couple of days ago and have not yet tried it with the KSR. I currently use a Fractal FM9 into a SD Powerstage 700 and out to a Mesa 4x12. I’ve been using a Fractal FM9 and tried it with the KSR but on the FM9, you can turn off power amp modeling unlike the QC. You might want to try a neutral power amp like the Powerstage line because it won’t color your tone the way a tube power amp will.

I would try using the HiFi switch on the KSR and mess with the Negative Feedback and some EQ. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Hopefully someone else will chime in eventually with a better answer. I just don’t think enough people have the KSR to make a suggestion perhaps.