Behringer vs Line6

I’m thinking of getting either one of these: Behringer FCB1010 or Line6 FBV Express MKIII?
Yesterday I almost got the Line6 but well, wanted to know more opinions

I had the FCB1010 with the Uno4Kemper chip for my Kemper. The FCB1010 was great, well built, the pedals were at least as good if not better than Line6 pedals I’ve had, including an FBV Express I had for my PodXT Pro, an HD500, and a Helix Floor.

I know a lot of people have anxiety about Behringer stuff, but my experience with the FCB1010 was nothing but positive. I didn’t try to program the FCB1010 at all, that’s what the Uno4Kemper chip was for, so I don’t know about that aspect of it.

I have a Line 6 FBV3 for another amp that I use with plugins now. Works great, easy to setup, no complaints.