Usb foot controller

hi guys!

i want to add footswitch to my pc with ndsp plugins to control presets change / amp and cab switch / pedals on and off / adding expression pedal and if possible to store banks for different presets / choices .

the morning star controllers are out of stock for months, and i am kinda lost with my search since this is the first time i look into midi.

any suggestions for USB midi controller with as many footswiches as possible (built in exp pedal will be great, but ican buy it separately)?
can the line 6 fbv3 do the job? ( including preset change and store different banks?)

thank you so much for helping!

I have heard the FCB1010 with the eprom chip works well but would expect any controller to do the job effectively. I don’t believe the FBV3 is compatible with standard MIDI controllers etc., hopefully someone can chime in as I am not familiar with anything L6 related.

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May I add that maybe the Nektar “Pacer” might be worth a look?

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I have an extra one laying about with both chips, send me a message and I can send it your way, easy to use, simple to setup!