Bad D.I. Signal (very seroiusly issue for ages)

Aloha friends!

Coming here in a very seriously topic in asking for your help/knowledge.

NEVER NEVER in my life i get a good D.I. input signal without any piece of gear, including pod farm ux2, MBox 2 and even with theQuad Cortex. Even with Medium high guitars like LTD deluxe 1000 series and a Telecaster jim root, fresh new strings and new battery.

I cant even figure why… i live in a old flat with old electric installation…but cant figure why i cant reach that level of D.I.´s i see around even with low budget interfaces like the audient ID14 and the SSL2.

Here you have a test i just made with my LTD M1000HT, Fishman fluence modern with a new baterry for this test and a set of elixir 12-68 changed yesterday, also i put i example of very good guitar DI i get from the ultimate stem share group.

Please take a minute to help this baldy metal lad to figure and imrpove this annoying problemi and i will apreciate forever :slight_smile:


sounds like you need to turn up your gain. I’m assuming the louder section is the DI you got from the other place and the quieter palm muted sections are you.

I can see a level difference and heard what I was expecting based on that. You can’t accurately compare them unless they’re at the same level. Also, active pickups tend to compress a bit more than other pickups. That said, try boosting your level on your DI.

Also, LOVE Dark Souls.