Quad cortex power supply

Just wondering if a fender engine room power supply could be used with the QC?

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Hi @StewC76 and welcome to the community! If it outputs 12v @ at least 2A (check the polarity) it should be good considering the required barrel size.

Are you saying that a 2 amp power supply is enough? I thought the QC needed 3 amps…

The QC OEM PS provides 12v @ 3a, most aftermarket PSs including the Globtek output 12v @ 2A which is more than sufficient to run properly with zero issues.

Interesting. I actually emailed neural support to ask what amperage power supply was required. I told them that on this forum several people have had success using a 2 mA power supply.

Their answer was that it needs a 3 mA supply, or you will damage the unit or the touchscreen won’t work properly et cetera et cetera.

I have found a number of 3 mA (or greater) power supplies available, on eBay or Amazon, using either IEC or 2 pin (Figure of 8) kettle lead AC cables.

But If you are confident that 2mA works fine and with no issues that opens up a lot more possibilities as there are many more units out there that provide 2mA :+1:t2: