Auto Wah , compressor with side chain option

1- As I use my feet for other tasks I can’t use an expression pedal and would like an LFO controlled Wah. or Auto Wah.
2- A compressor with side chain option so I can control GTR volume with vocals operating the side chain
3- Also something I’ve never come across. A digital delay with a random delay time with min and max values being able to be set to make a second GTR track randomly delayed so it seems as if it is played by a different person. The two amps two cabs preset does this but the delay is set at 14 ms. If this delay could randomly vary from say 14- 40 ms it may realistically sound like another player.
The first two are available on my old AxeFx 2.
Thank you.

Compressor with sidechain option would be such an improvement!
One could also route the bands singer through the QC and have Sidechaincomp on the GTR live!