Sidechain gate

a gate that reads the detect signal from selectable input, guitar DI. then you can put the block wherever, after reverbs/delays/amp. it opens with the clean DI signal but controlling as much lunacy as you want behind it.

Basically what the Fortin Zuul does, which they’ve already modeled in plugin form, so I’d assume it’ll be integrated at some point.

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Yes - this is one of my biggest wishes

I want to have a loop that has delay and reverb - but a compressor after which is sidechain es to guitar DI -
So good for keep time based effects tamed whiskey actually playing - but then bloom once you stop…

Just thought I’d clarify that what I’d really like to see is actually a compressor with a sidechain input - so you can get the ducking effect. But you’d also be able to select guitar DI as an input for that (as well as any if the other inputs)

Basically would be really nice to model the FMC Really Nice Compressor…