Need Ducking feature on all Delays

All of the delays in the QC would be greatly enhanced by adding a ducking feature. The Kemper and Axe FX has this and its indispensable. With a ducking feature you can prevent the “clicking” that occurs on delay repeats from the pick attack. Then only the tails of the signal get delayed which creates a beautiful sustaining smear effect. For me this is the most important new feature - I use it on every delay in my Kemper. Kemper has a big edge over QC because of this. Please please enable this!

On reverb blocks that would be an awesome feature as well! :+1:

Yes - I totally agree it should be on Reverbs as well. Also, I want to mention that ducking is extremely important when playing fast solos with a delay because without the ducking, the fast note repeats will conflict with the dry signal and create a mess. The solos will sound fantastic and clear when the fast notes come through and only the tails are delayed.

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