Audio Glitches when recording with OBS (QC as Audio Interface)

Hi all

I’m trying to to find the easiest (for my setup) way of recording video and audio on the fly, expecially when I want to record an idea, I’m studying a song or just training (hearing and watching yourself playing is a really good way to find paths for improvement)

My current setup is a Window 11 pc with
OBS Studio (+ obs-ASIO)
Quad Cortex as audio interface (in ASIO) using neural QC drivers
A simple Aukey webcam

This way i can start to record in seconds, have audio from browsers or differrent applications through obs and when it works, is suits perfectly my needs.

The problem:
It randomly works!
Most of the time I get QC audio full of glitches, artifacts and unusable.
I’ve tried to find a deterministic way for reproduce the problem or to solve it but i failed :smiley:
The strange part is that sometimes, it starts in the middle of recording, sometimes is a 100% present, sometimes it disappears after a while

here are two sample recordings just to show what i mean:
broken one: [Quad Cortex + OBS Audio Glitches - YouTube](https://Quad Cortex + OBS Audio Glitches)
“good” one: [Quad Cortex + OBS now Randomly Working - YouTube](https://Quad Cortex + OBS now Randomly Working)

---- some other info ----

  • When monitoring from QC headphone I don’t hear any artifact (even with HP selector set on BOTH from USB IO Settings)
  • I experienced the same behaviour (now even on monitoring) connecting my huawey mate 20 pro via usb directly to qc. I can play for same seconds or a minute over a spotify song but sooner or later (usually sooner :smiley: ) the sound goes crazy
  • the pc is a pretty poweful laptop for the job. Cpu never went over 9%

Sorry for the long message and a big thank you to anybody that spent the time even to just read this paper :rofl:

PS: be kind with the videos…those are unlisted and not supposed to be shared with anyone :smiley:

Hi @marcon86 and welcome to the community!
There are a few things you can try and or verify to resolve your usb audio issues. First is to ensure (if using PC) that you have downloaded and installed the latest driver. There were some reports of usb audio issues previously that have been resolved with the current driver. Lastly, depending on your PC resources available, you may need to adjust your sample size within the new drivers settings.

If that doesn’t resolve your issues, please reach out to neural support via email ( and they will get you sorted. Thanks!