Assign Splitter in A/B mode to stomp

It would be very useful (if not a game changer) if we could assign the splitter in A/B mode as a stomp in stomp mode.

This would allow to toggle between 2 signal path with one stomp.
This would bring a lot of flexibility to the Stomp Mode.

Split the signal, in the splitter set it to A/B
Have a box to assign to stomp.
If assign to stomp A=-0.0Db B=Off (bypass path B)
If stomp is hit: A=Off, B=-0.0Db (Bypass path A)
Hit to switch between A and B.

This would mean you could have the same effect (Drive, comp, modulation, delay) to use with 2 distinct sets of Amp/Cabs/reverb in stomp mode for example.

Agreed, I’d step this up one level and ask that allow any block parameter to be assignable to a stomp with a min/max value. This is how I used my Helix. With the QC, I need to use scene mode until it has a feature like this.

currently the splitter is not even a block… so not assignable!