Make the Tap-Tempo switch assignable as Expression or Volume Boost

It would be great if the Tap-Tempo footswitch could be re-assigned like an expression switch. Personally, I would love to re-assign it as a Volume Boost switch. If the switch was set up like a third expression pedal, I could assign it to a gain or volume parameter within patches. But, a REALLY cool function would be a global boost setting that could use the Tap-Tempo in “Boost” mode to simply bump all (or selected) outputs up/down by a configurable number of db’s.

This way, I could set up the Boost mode, and any patch and scene would have this feature for guitar solos. Boost off for rhythm, punch up for solos. I personally don’t use tap-tempo for anything, and my wireless pedal already has a tuner function, so the current footswitch is completely useless for my playing… I would love to make use of that unused switch!

There is already a request to reassign footswitches:

I understand there is already a general thread on footswitches - just thought that my idea was something different not mentioned on that thread. Along the line of the Boost feature, one of the great things if that were implemented would be utilizing the LED to show if the toggle was on or off (perhaps even configurable?). But the global boost thing would be more than just assignable footswitch, it would be a kind of special assignment that could be at patch, scene, or global level. Well, as I imagine it, anyway.