Assign MIDI CC to output controls

Being able to assign a MIDI CC to any of the output level encoders on the I/0 screen will allow midi expression control (i.e small midi knob or foot controller) for independent attenuation of specific output volumes separate to the master volume knob.

Cataclysm, I’m a newbie with Midi. I’ve brought a MorningStar MC8 to use with Quad when it arrives. I’ve put it through it’s paces with ta Profiler, so have limited knowledge of CC# etc.
Have I read your post right that if I load the main volume to full, and I assign a CC# to my assigned monitor out, that I can use a foot expression pedal to control the volume without blowing the ears off the sound engineeer? Will this also enable me ‘morph’ distortion pedals, or Gain ?

Important MIDI Commands
This idea covers a wider range of functions, I invite you to join it. I would gladly join you, but I have no more votes.

I will be be setting my onstage monitoring system outputs to be controlled via expression pedal as volume control… the FOH output sends will be separate and left as is.