Are Neural DSP programs subscription based or permanent purchases?

just as the title says, had a license expire and a bunch of friends are telling me its an issue with Ilok; its not. The “trial extension” that i purchased a few years ago expired without my knowledge. Only resort would be to have to buy the product again. I was under the impression that once you have a copy of a plugin you keep the copy of the plugin but maybe I was misconstrued. thanks for any help

Plugin licenses are perpetual - you only have to purchase them once.

We have never sold a trial extension, but we have issued them to users who have trialled plugins previously. For example, when we released version 2.0.0 of Archetype: Abasi, we gave every user who has previously trialled it a 14-day trial extension. We have done this several times.

If you received a trial extension for a plugin you already purchased, make sure the purchased license is the one that is activated in iLok License Manager. If it is, and you’re having issues with launching the plugin, please reach out to our support team at

There should be no issues with iLok and trial extensions though. Hope that helps!

Thanks that does! I bought Archetype Plini at the beginning of 2020 and randomly in sep of this year the license changed into an expired trial extension randomly. ill send a report. thanks for your response!