Launching in Standalone not working


i wanna try the archetype petrucci so :

  • i install it full
  • i install the “Ilok Licence Manager”
  • i create a account
  • i launch the standalone
  • i activate a “try” licence on my computer (The ilok app say the plugin is activated)

BUT, when i want to launch the archetype petrucci in standalone, nothing shop up

in the task manager, the .exe shop up 5 seconds and desapear (like a crash)

P.S. when i launch the archetype, “Ilok” is launched too.

Anybody got the same problem ?


That is an odd occurrence. As a guess, try reinstalling the archetype and make sure that all plugin options are selected during install.

Doesn’t sound like iLok is the issue here, as that would just give you a popup error on your screen asking to activate the vst. If the problem persists, please contact support.