Archetype Wong passes the acid test

For me the acid test for a modeler is any number of clean to driven tones Edge (U2) is known for.

Clean Machine in Wong plus the included pedals allowed me to nail anything I dialed up.

Given the genres Wong is aimed at, the fact it can nail U2 as well shows just how “real deal” your tech is.

Fantastic job Neural, I didn’t think I’d live to see a modeler accomplish this, but you guys pulled it off.

For reference I’ve been using tube amps with real cabs or a reactive load box and OwnHammer IRs.


Very inspiring post! I just installed a set of Fishman Fluence pickups in an HSS configuration with the HB splittable into a single coil.

Would you care to share any of your Edge presets for Archetype: Corey Wong? I’d be interested in trying them out with the Trial version to see if Wong would be a good addition to my Nolly to get some more classic tones.


My apologies for taking so long to reply…but here is one you an start with:

Nameless Streets.xml (6.2 KB)

Its set up for a hardtail Strat with a set of Fender Noisless Hot in it, so ymmv but it should at least be in the ballpark. Just set on the “quack” (second from the bottom) pickup selector switch position.

Also, for this to be convincing you’ll need to use Herdim Blue pick using the textured portion to pick with and also use good damping technique with your picking thumb for the intro and exit of the song… Enjoy.

Plus you want to have a 1 Meg load on the guitar, so you’ll want a buffer if your audio interface isn’t 1 Meg input. If your input is quite a bit lower, no simulation is going to sound right…

Thanks so much, I’ll grab the trial on Friday and give it a try.

When you say “you want to have a 1 Meg load on the guitar, so you’ll want a buffer if your audio interface isn’t a 1 Meg input.” My interface is the Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 3rd Gen, and when set to Instrument, it says the impedance is 1.5MΩ. Is that what you mean by 1 Meg, meaning 1 MegaOhms? Is it better that mine is 1.5 rather than 1?

Correct, MegOhm.

1.5M is probably close enough. Virtually all tube amps are around 1M input, so its a bit of a standard. What you don’t want is for your interface to be 20K (KiloOhm) or some other low value. When the input impedance is too low, the sound will lose brightness and the overall tone will be dull and lifeless.

I haven’t tried using too high of a value, but electrically, the higher the resistance for this situation, the less the exact value matters. All to say 1.5M might sound ever so slightly brighter, but I kind of doubt it to be honest. It should be fine. But if it sounds a bit bright on all the presets this may be why.

Fortunately simple buffers for guitar can be bought for not much $. I use an expensive Empress ParaEQ for this purpose since I find it’s EQ exceptionally useful for dialing in exact guitar tones, and it’s boost function makes an ideal “preamp” for this application. I can go directly in to line level A/D inputs with this very high quality box.

Another thing I’ve been doing is using the OwnHammer Evolution IR’s with the Neural amp sims. That opens up a whole new world due to the variety of cabs available. The included IRs are every bit as good and I will continue to use them as well.

I uploaded the wrong file and the delay should be set sync’d at 1/8D, and for a better feel of the pocket (imo) unsync and set at .351 ms based on song tempo of 125.82.

These are fun for seeing just how aggressive (in an old skool way) Archetype Wong can get. Based on U2’s “The Fly” set up for hardtail Strat with Fender Noiseless Hot pickups, all presets for neck pickup:

The Fly 1.xml (6.2 KB) The Fly 2.xml (6.2 KB) The Fly Solo.xml (6.6 KB)

Adjust input level to peak at about 80%, tweak from there for optimum drive levels. Best with midi expression pedal on wah though fun as-is.