Archetype Abasi (DEMO) - Quality Switch missing

Hi there, I just download the trial version of Archetype Abasi after trying Plini (this is the first time for me working with these plugins), and I notice that Plini has a Quality Switch (Oversampling) that Im missing in the Abasi.

I check the manual ( and the website, and this plugin should also include such option. Am I missing something ? Is there a newer version that does not includes it?

By the way the switch is missing in the stand alone version as well as when I use it with Reaper.

Hello @aimendez. Thanks for the question.

Archetype Abasi was updated a few months ago, in June 2021. The latest manual can be found in the Downloads section of our website.
It can also be found locally on your computer, after you’ve installed the application.

Regarding the Quality Switch:
The latest version of the plugin is now using our new audio engine, which uses a proprietary ATI algorithm.

The benefit of using our ATI algorithm is vastly improved stability and CPU efficiency, allowing us to achieve optimal CPU performance for any DAW sample rate.

This change removes the need for an oversampling switch in our plugins - a change many users have noticed, with which many users are reporting dramatically improved CPU performance.

Pls note: The manuals for the older versions are available on our website for reference. To get the latest information, you can refer to the Downloads section where it says “Download Manual” under every product.

Hope that answers your question. :slight_smile:

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