Anyone mounting their QC on a board?

Here’s what I’ve put together.

nice! so I gotta ask… the footswitches on the QC are closer together by several mm’s than most modelers or MIDI controllers… so has that been a problem?

p.s. what power supply are you using?

Switch spacing hasn’t been a problem yet but it’s spent most of its time on the desk so far.

Power supply is an Eventide PowerMax. Made by Cioks, very similar to a DC-7. Connect four 12V ports in parallel to get enough current to run the QC.

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I’m trying to visualize that power cable… did you have to make it?

Cioks makes current doubler cables. Use three of them as shown here:

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looks like I need to put the DC7 in my Sweetwater Wishlist :sunglasses:

the special cable is the Cioks 8800. will need 3 total.

The Eventide will save you $20 if you don’t need more than the four 12V outlets–eventide-powermax-v2-7-pedal-universal-power-supply-by-cioks

thanks! I saw that but figured it’s worth having the full availability.