Anyone Else Here Use Reason 11, Im Having Mapping Issues

I’m using an Icon G-Board
Works fantastic in standalone version of every plugin, however i cannot get a response from Reason to automate or midi map,
any help is greatly appreciated

Hi @tashii6663. Check if Reason is able to receive PC/CC messages from your controller:

  • Open Reason, right-click the “ALT” button in the transport bar and select “Edit remote override mapping”.
  • If Reason recognizes the messages, the message type should appear at “Control”, and “Control surface activity” should move when you press the buttons.

Hi @Gonzalo
Thanks for replying
I have done what you said but nothing seems to be registering still,
any advice?

I would check if there’s any way of enabling your specific controller in Reason. Once it’s recognized, it should be quite simple to assign the parameters. Check if your controller has the option to change the type of messages sent as well.