How to? Change presets via midi controller on vst within Reason 11 daw?

As far as I can tell, there’s three ways to do this. But none work so far.
First, I’ve tried directing Reason to Neural folder from the rack interface. Where it says init preset. I click on the browse folder, and according to neural, I should go to C:/programdata/neural dsp etc… but this doesn’t exist on my drive (edit, I found it in hidden files. Not the fix though). Also, apparently Reason only reads fxp or fbl format. And Neural DSP preset format is XML.
Second, I’ve opened the vst gui from within reason, clicked “remote” and it says to select a parameter. I click the “next preset” parameter (the navigation arrow beside preset name), but nothing happens. It doesn’t recognize this as a parameter. It does recognize everything else (pedals, gain input etc). But not preset changing.
Third, I’ve mapped it inside the plug-in, as cc absolute-next preset- cc#5-channel 2 (or 1 , doesn’t matter) And when I click the midi controller button, it changes something completely different (like activates a pedal)

I’m at a loss.

Morningstar MC8 controller 5 pin’d into Focusrite 18i8. Reason 11 recognizes focusrite as the midi input. The Plug-in is Cory Wong.
Outside of Reason, everything works perfectly regarding midi. I need Reason (or a daw) so I can use multiple VST live and have control.