FX Loop Device: Enable USB Ports as send/return choices

It would be excellent to enable using USB ports in an FX Loop device.

Example of loop device configuration:
FX Loop USB 1/2
FX Loop USB 3/4
Send USB 1/2
Return USB 1/2

This would enable putting an external, computer or mobile device in a chain so we could use any external effects.

Yes, there are latency considerations and concerns. DAWs support “external device” (Ableton and Cakewalk, Studio One all have this). They have a “measure latency” process and then offset all other latency to accommodate. That would be challenging to support in the QC. but you could have a “test latency” button and provide information about the results, allowing the user to decide.

But for an, iPad for example, sub 10msec latency is reasonable to use a effects app (e.g. another guitar app). For Windows and Mac, plug-in hosts would work great.

Yes, this can be done if the computer is the master and QC is “the loop” - but this doesn’t let me put a VST/Au between devices on the QC grid.

I had no idea you couldn’t choose USB out on fx send block. This would be an amazing and simple feature upgrade

There are great reverbs, delays, and synth effects on the iPad. If the QC made USB routing an added option in FX io it would open many great opportunities.
I think that might set the QC apart in that way.
Seems an easy way to add some competitive edge at a time when price increases make features extra important.