Allow footswitch assignment when using "Set parameters as default"

Allow the footswitch assignment to be included in user defaults. That way, any time you select a user default version of a device/block/model, it could already be assigned to your preferred footswitch (or no footswitch at all).

If I get you right, this would first mean to implement a user default section for blocks, right?

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Yes! As far as I know “defaults” currently only exist for expression pedal assignments. I am thinking maybe that a feature request for user defaults already exists. If so, I would just incorporate footswitch assignments into it (if it isn’t already there). May have missed this in a pre-existing feature request.

Update: Was just checking out the ‘Set parameters as default’ setting in various blocks such as ‘Brit Blues’ overdrive. If you use it on a block’s parameter, it sets a new default for that parameter that persists across snapshots and presets, or even if you restart the QC without saving the preset. Weird, unless I missed it, I don’t think this is documented in the CorOs 2.0 manual, which only describes defaults when a parameter is assigned to an expression pedal. The quoted text below was the only reference I could find from the manual regarding “Set parameters as default”. It would appear that the full capabilities of this setting are not documented. This feature is more powerful than I thought. Unless I missed something.

From the Quad Cortex User Manual 2.0:
“The EXP inputs assigned to a device block can be remembered by
using the “Set parameters as defaults” option after assigning an
expression pedal to a parameter.
The parameter position and the toe-switch polarity are not
remembered while saving Presets. The current parameter position
and toe-switch state are maintained while loading presets.
When a parameter is assigned to an expression pedal, the Scene
data is also ignored for that parameter”

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Just to muddy the waters further, try this.

  1. Set the ‘Tone’ = “2.0” on the ‘Brit Blues’ model, and click ‘Set parameters as default’.
  2. Now set 'Tone = 9.0.
  3. Now click ‘Reset to defaults’.

You would expect the ‘Tone’ parameter to return to the factory defaults for the ‘Brit Blues’ model. But it doesn’t. It returns to 'Tone = “2.0” - the user default you set in the first step. I haven’t located a way to reset to the factory default parameters for a block. This is not at all the way I expected the QC’s current user default implementation to work, nor do I think it is documented.

Bizarre not to have a way to reset models to their factory parameter defaults. What am I missing here? Is there a way to restore the factory defaults? If there isn’t one, I intend to exercise caution setting custom user defaults as I don’t see a way to restore them to factory unless you have them written down or saved at the default settings in another preset.

Don’t know whether this is a feature or a bug. If it is a “feature” I believe Neural very much needs to add a ‘Reset to Factory defaults’ option, in addition to the current ‘Reset to defaults’.

I think this is exactly how it is expected to work. But like you said, there is no option for a factory default restore. This should be added.

Btw , a much better way of doing this would be to allow the user to save multiple ‘User preset’ of each virtual device, instead of having only the ‘Set Parameters as Default’. The ‘real’ default would be the factory one, but once you add a block onto the grid, there should be a way to choose one of our ‘user defaults’ …


Absolutely! My preference would be to allow multiple user “favorites” for custom variations of blocks as well as allowing a user default for blocks you always set the same way. No matter what they end up developing though it seems like being able to get back to a factory default is ground zero and should always be an option.

Funny, I started this feature request just to add footswitch defaults on a per block basis but it turns out that the defaults implementation is so strange right now that the whole kit and kaboodle needs to be assessed.

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+1 to both of your comments. Need to re-assess my votes! :wink:

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I’m voting for this because I’m getting tired of unassigning blocks (especially always-on stuff like EQ and IR) as I add them to the grid.

I don’t need the QC deciding for me what footswitch they should be assigned to–I want the default to be no assignment at all.


Yup, currently it just generates totally unnecessary editing every time a preset is created. Defaulting to no assignment is probably the way to go. At the very least it should be an option. As it stands now the default assignments just generate reassign/unassign busywork.

It looks like the whole framework for how both parameter and footswitch defaults are being handled on the QC needs to be overhauled.

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The best system would be :

  • By default a block shouldn’t have any footswitch assigned.
  • Any block should have the ability to have multiple user-defined ‘configurations’ (in addition to the ‘Factory configuration’ that would be read-only, in case we want to restore the initial default)
  • The User-Defined configurations should store the whole block settings, including the Footswitch assignement.

This way, when we put a block onto the grid, it would not have any footswitch assigned, but we could easily select one user-defined configuration.

It would be really nice, and doesn’t seems to hard to implement ! (of course, new blocks, or new variations of existing blocks - like the recently enhanced SLO Amp - would not have the same ‘user configurations’ as their ‘legacy’ counterpart, they should be considered as totally new block.)

Perhaps we should create a new Feature Request (or merge an existing one ?) for this ‘user configurations for blocks’ proposal ? (I purposely avoided the word ‘preset’ and used ‘configuration’ instead, in order to not add any confusion !)

Clarification: the user-configuration should store a ‘snapshot’ of the current block configuration, but not the fact that a parameter is Scene-bound (‘abcd’ state) as this information is Preset-specific.

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I think this Create presets of individual blocks is really close.

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