Add depth and presence control for captures

It would be nice to have specialized controls that emulate depth and presence controls on capture blocks.

Depth and presence on amps affect the power amp section. The way I understand it, you can’t really add proper presence or depth controls to a capture, because the capture is a “black box” neural network.

They could add two more EQ controls and label them depth and presence, but they wouldn’t/couldn’t work like an actual control on an amp.

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Well the GUPtech PdeQ - Presence Depth Quebec EQ pedal seems to do the trick pretty well. Even if it’s emulated it would be great to have the control built in to the block.

They could add a 5 band parametric EQ to the capture block. Or even a choice of different EQ types. Then users could set it however they like.

As far as I know/can tell, the EQ on a capture block is after the capture processing itself, so effectively acts as presence/depth already, just with fixed frequency (and added mid control).

If the EQ on the block is not enough, just add a parametric afterwards, that way you can fine tune it to behave like the captured amp’s presence/depth controls? EQ’s are not CPU heavy, so shouldn’t have much impact on the patch.

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Depth and presence is a little different than just EQ though. I’ve tried using bass and treble and also parametric EQ to try to achieve that thump that a depth control gives and a presence seems to give more life to an amp than just EQ. I don’t know what the mojo is for sure but depth and presence are not the same as an EQ. EQ helps but depth and presence has something special.

This is a good explanatation of depth (and presence) by Cliff Chase on the Fractal forum:

“Depth differs from Bass in that it is applied in the power amp as opposed to the preamp. It is done by modifying the feedback network. Less lows are fed back thereby increasing bass response in the power amp. It is analogous to Presence except it affect bass instead of treble.”

You can’t emulate this with captures.

I’m asking for emulation in the cab block. I already know it doesn’t.