Acoustic sim

Hi guys, didnt see a topic asking for this, but it would be cool to have it later.
Something in the style of Boss AC3 maybe?

Yeah, it would be cool, but you’d be surprised how well the QC can already capture an AC-3.
I have a few settings captured on my profile: Neural DSP Technologies - Algorithmically Perfect

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there are some captures already and they work very well

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Voting out of pure curiosity. I bet Neural could put together a sick acoustic sim, lots of room to be creative there.

They can; have you heard the acoustic amp in the Arcehtype: Petrucci? It’s pretty nice for piezo OR single-coil guitars. They could port this over and it’d kill.

I’m not familiar with the plugins, so I can’t say. Has anyone tried capturing that plugin and sharing on the cloud? I’d love to try it.

Not really the same thing,this topic is about an acoustic simulator, making the guitar sound like an acoustic.
But not a priority, some cool captures exist on the cloud, and if you put an acoustic guitar IR after those, you can accomplish a quite surprisingly real sound.

An Acoustic amp model would be cool though.

Fender Mustang GTX amps have a very good Acoustic sim FX too (for example).