Classic guitar preamps for the QuadCortex

I would love to have available preamp emulations or captures like the Ada MP1, Marshall JMP1, etc… as well as acoustic preamps and or simulators for tailoring our sounds.

I was reading about how to replicate a specific guitar player’s sound and lots of vintage equipment comes up of course. And it would awesome to have all of that within the quad cortex. Wouldn’t need any other equipment besides the quad cortex ever again.
By the way,
Loved the addition of the intelligent harmonizer. Thank you so much for listening to us. Solved my gigs with flying colors.
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You are aware the QC comes stock with the ADA MP1 (as well as other) preamp captures?

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There are captures of these two preamps on the cloud.

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@MP_Mod actually I hadn’t found them. I’ll have to look further. Thanks a lot

Thank you very much I’ll look them up. Best regards