Neural Capture for acoustic guitar modelling (ToneDexter style)

This is a pretty ambitious suggestion, but I hope Neural takes this seriously, since their neural capture technology could potentially create something that will outdo everything else in this area in the market right now.

Right now the closest thing to this is ToneDexter pedal, which has an automated process for creating an IR file that matches your acoustic guitar piezo mic tone to a room miced tone. Neural capture technology however could potentially create even more accurate and lively results for this than IR technology can. And having a “Neural acoustic instrument capture” process would be absolutely amazing for everyone playing acoustic guitar or any other piezo miced acoustic instrument.

What would be needed is a recreation of the capture process, where instead of QC sending those space sounds through your amplifier or distortion pedal and comparing the resulting sounds to the original sound sample, it would need to be able to create a capture from strumming and picking sounds made by the user on their instrument, and by comparing the piezo miced sound with the room miced sound. Certainly not a modest suggestion and I’m sure it’s a giant feet to pull off, but if Neural thinks this is a good idea I’m sure they could pull it off.

Or if this is a completely mad suggestion, then an IR based tonedexter style “capture” would be amazing to have in QC, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a neural capture of your acoustic guitar? And wouldn’t it be nice marketing for QC to have their neural technology expand further and further into new territories?

Have you tried making wavemaps on the tone dexter and then capturing them with the QC?

Would love this feature!