Presets designed for acoustic guitars?

I’ve done some searches for shared presets on the cloud, but it’s hard because some of the presets are designed to make an electric guitar sound like an acoustic. What I’m looking for are patches/presets designed for an acoustic guitar.

Any favorites?

Yeah I haven’t seen much. Closest thing is Raca’s piezo preset, which works pretty well with my piezo but haven’t tried it with my acoustic yet.

I made one for piezo-equipped acoustics/electrics, works pretty well for me. Haven’t really heard from other users if it translates well:

I found that one. Got it loaded in but haven’t tried it out yet.

There are some acoustic presets in the factory presets, at least I think there are some and will need to validate.

I finally got through all of the factory presets last night and did find a few that seemed to be acoustic centric. Still curious if people have found some better than others and for what reason.

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Tried quite a few and struggled to make my own to get an acoustic sound good. Best i seen though is Cory Wongs acoustic which i tweaked and added a capture i made of a Grace Design Alix preamp. Thats what i use now and it sounds the most natural.