Acoustic image like fishman aura or tonedexter


I have a question about the Neural Capture fonction inside the Quad Cortex.

I wonder if it would be effective to recreate the sound of acoustic modeling guitar pedals like TC electronic Bodyrez, Fishman Aura System or Audiosprockets Tonedexter ?
These pedals utilize different algorythms to recreate the true sound of an acoustic instrument from the sound of the pickup in the instrument. They modify the dynamics, EQ and time behavior of the pickup sound to match the one of the instrument with a microphone.
I find these pedals really necessary for acoustic instruments, and the ability to have them captured inside the Quad Cortex would make it the only piece of gear I would bring to a gig for all of my instruments.

Thanks !


That would be cool for us acoustic instrument playing guys!

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i second this! So many guitarists play acoustic guitar as well.
A bodyrez feature would be great, with notch filters and phase inversions. Tonedexter and the new Baggs pedal is something different as creating an IR first with a mike is involved.
However, yes, some acoustic pedals please!

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