A short clip with my QC at a recent DJ show

Hey everyone, I made a little clip from a recent show. I think my tone is pretty good? What do you think? I really love this machine.


Sounds great dude! What kind of guitar is that? You’ve got the ultimate portable rig it seems. And yes, distortion rules. What amp/capture are you using? Doesn’t sound overly distorted or compressed for as much as I can hear on my phone

Frank, Thank you so much for watching. I’m using an Engl Raider clean sound that I captured and put on the cloud. I think that preset uses my Engl distortion capture. It could be a Klon capture that I downloaded.

Yeah, having a DJ rig in a pedalboard is great. The guitar is a Lapstick. Cool little guitar made in Germany. Not perfect, but I’ve played probably 150 gigs with it now and it’s holding up. :slight_smile:

That’s amazing. The Lapstick eh? So cool, even smaller than a Steinberger. Whatever gets the job done man. For what you’re doing your rig works just as well as a PRS & real Engl rig without the crazy price tag & weight. Wish I had this sort of thing when I was gigging a lot, which was right before the Axe FX. Heck that was the deciding factor for me getting a QC - any pick up gigs or sessions I don’t wanna carry anything more than a gig bag and backpack!!!

Thanks man. My shows are usually 4 or 5 hours, so I just can’t physically hold a big guitar for that long. When I play short gigs, I take my Xotic Xsc-2. A lot of times I have my theremin with me.

And I sold my Engl. Just so heavy and completely unnecessary.

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