My QC live tone from a gig Friday night

Hey everyone, Here’s a 10 minute mini-set that I did at a tribute show for The Beatles on Friday night. I absolutely love my QC and it performs like a charm. It was by far the biggest crowd I’ve ever played for (1500+ maybe) and I feel like it went really well. Thanks for checking it out and I hope you enjoy. If you like this clip, please hit the LIKE button or even subscribe. I have more clips of myself from this show coming. The guitar I’m using is a Lapstick.


That was entertaining regardless of anything else. Guitar tone ? Your breaking boundaries down bro. Cool. Gonna check out the slap stick. I thought I was doing some cool stuff on my kemper profiler with a regular guitar, delays ,reverb and a looper.

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Thanks so much for watching. I’m glad you got a kick out of it. I really love the QC and it is such a solid piece of gear. I ended up selling my Engl amp because the captures sound so good, at least to my ears. :slight_smile: