96 kHz please…

Why is the QC limited to 48 kHz?
It has enough processor power to offer 88/96 kHz.

As 96 is much more transparent and most gear supports it, it is hard to accept.

I love my QC, but it is the only device in our band setup with only 48 kHz.

Not to negate this (I think it would be cool to go higher too) but I’m guessing there’s nothing to gain from doubling the frequency again. Even fractal locks at 48khz and they’ve had many opportunities to change this over the years. But some DAWs don’t allow you to arbitrarily change the sample rates so switching to a 48 khz interface could still be an issue. I’m curious to know why this is myself, as even cheap interfaces typically support 96 khz.

FWIW I think a lot of production is done in 48 @ 24 and using 96 may just eat up more disk space without any end benefit? I used to use 96 but now I do basically everything in 48 anyway.


I know. I know. But disk space is cheap and 96 kHz brings more room and transparency to the sound, even if you bring it down to 44,1 afterwards - the stereo room stays…

Also - if you work on the recording it is relevant for stretching the track to work on the details.

So the really important question is: Why not? It limits the possibilities without reason…

It certainly oversamples the signal at some point of the processing chain.

It’s more CPU friendly to have high sample rate only on FX which need it: mostly non-linear ones, and sometimes EQ for better high frequency behaviour.

Capturing 96kHz input is not an indicator of the quality happening inside the box.

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TheI need for the high sampling rate results from it’s function as USB interface.
If it runs with 48 kHz internally I would be fine with that.

Yes, please. 96Khz is a must for a device of this quality.

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96Khz would be a cool sale and all, but I don’t think it’s necessary. The QC can already struggle with certain patches, and doubling its sampling rate wouldn’t do the CPU load any favors.

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Let me specify:
48 kHz internally would be absolute fine.

But the incompability to 96 kHz projects in DAWs
is a problem.

I would e.g. be fine with 48 kHz internally and giving out
96 kHz to a DAW

If they can do it as an option, I don’t see an issue if one wants to use it. That being said, I stopped caring about anything above 48kHz in my studio when the world started primarily consuming their music via MP3 and Beats headphones.