2 Questions about: (1) I/O Settings & (2) FX-Loops

Hello, everyone,

I am about to buy a QC, but I still have the following two questions in particular and I hope that someone can answer them briefly. I couldn’t figure this out 100% from the manual.

(1) I/O Settings
Is it possible to store a configuration of the ins & outs in a / the preset, or are these general settings that apply to all presets?
Use case e.g.:
(a) Preset for guitar → one mono input → Hi-Z level
(b) Preset for synth → two mono inputs = stereo → instrument level
For example, when switching from guitar to synth, I could just quickly plug in the appropriate cables, select the right preset and I could start right away without having to keep re-establishing the general I/O settings.

(2) FX-Loops → Send1+2 / Returns1+2 → STEREO?
Are these 2 separate STEREO FX-Loops that I could position in 2 different places on the grid? I always thought there was only 1 Stereo or 2 Mono FX-Loops.
Use case:
Integration of external stereo guitar pedals in 2 different places in the grid.
Additional question: would it also be possible to have 4 Mono FX-loops out of 2 Stereo FX-loops?

I’m happy about an explanation - thank you very much!

Best regards


unfortunately, the I/O settings are Global presently. There is a feature request to add input presets for exactly the type of cases you mention. For now, you could make separate presets using gain blocks to adjust for different instruments

only 1 stereo loop- you have to use both inputs. Separately they are mono.

Ah okay, thanks for the info! It’s a shame, because then I’ll actually have to reconsider whether this is the right thing for me.