Your Best QC Chorus?

I love Choruses. Light chorus, thick chorus, everything in-between. My favorite pedal choruses are the Free The Tone Tri-Avatar, and the H9 TriChorus patch. I used the Analogman Bi-Chorus for many years, but prefer the Free The Tone; more subtle, yet more full, AND I like the midi control ability.

I have had my QC for a couple of weeks and have just started to build some presets, test captures out, etc. As expected, I like many of the amp tones, overdrives seem to be OK, but I haven’t spent a lot of time on them, reverbs and delays seem very usable and nice sounding. I have not yet found any of the choruses to be close to either of the ones I am using on my analog pedalboard.

I play mostly rock - in an 80’s band now, plus play P&W at church - and don’t use a lot of clean tones, mostly what I call Light Dirt, which on my analog pedalboard with real amp, I typically run an overdrive - right now a Wampler Tumulus - into the clean amp channel of my Friedman WW-20, and also what I call my Crunch tone, which is the gain channel of the Friedman. Gain is usually up around 4-5, so not close to hi-gain or anything. But I still like a full chorus on both of those tones, although sometimes just a light chorus to “fatten” it up and give the slight shimmer to the tone. And I really like to use chorus on lead tones… :+O

What choruses on the QC are y’all using for similar tones? Any adjustment tips that might help me get better results?

I did a search here to see if this had already been asked, and didn’t find anything much about choruses.

Thanks in advance!