Wireless for guitar and IEM on a budget <200 bucks

For gigs and rehearsals i currently use the headphones out of the QC directly to my in-ears. My guitar is in input 1 and the rest of the mix comes in in input 2.

Now i’m thinking of going wireless on a budget (max 200,-). For my guitar that wouldn’t be a problem. i’d just use these: (Harley Benton AirBorne 2.4Ghz Instrument – Thomann Nederland) to connect the guitar to input 1. I’m wondering if i can use the same gear (in a different channel) for the headphones out. This would mean that i have to plug the receiving end into a IEM-system like the behringer powerplay: (Behringer Powerplay P2 – Thomann Nederland).

The schemes would look like this:
Guitar → airborne send …> airborne receiver → input 1
headphones out → airborne send …> airborne return → powerplay IEM

Is there anyone that has experience with that? I’m not sure if a wireless guitar transmitter would mess with the total sound coming from a headphones out since it’s meant for guitar.

If it’s possible, that would mean i could go wireless with guitar and my in-ears for 197 bucks.
Would be nice! :slight_smile:

In theory it should work, although keep in mind that with wireless equipment, you VERY MUCH get what you pay for. Having two of the same device (if I’m interpreting what you’re asking correctly) within that close range of each other could make them both unusable as they do not seem to have many channels to select from, and the 2.4ghz band is notoriously busy already

If i was in your situation, I’d scrap the wireless guitar part of the setup and go wired and look at a decent used shure or sennheiser wireless IEM system

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Thanks for the feedback!
it doesn’t have to be the same device. I don’t have much knowledge about these things, but would it help to get a 2.4Ghz device for guitar and a 5.8Ghz device for the IEM? just to make sure they don’t interfere with each other?

Yes if that is an option, then you’d have a better chance of no channel overlap

Hi, I use the xvive u2 wireless guitar and the u4 in ear system. Maybe 350
In total and works like a charm!! Wouldn’t want to go back to a wired system.

Love the freedom of movement and being able to hear myself anywhere on a stage.