Quad Cortex with a powered Kemper Kabinet?

I’m a Kemper user with a powered Kabinet and I’m wondering if there are any other Kemper users out there using a powered Kemper Kabinet with their QC.

I thought I’d put them together today, but the volume was significantly lower overall from QC than the Kemper. The kab was at 100% and the QC was at 100% and not even close to the oomph I get with the Kemper/Kab combo.

I’m thinking the Kemper Kabinet may not be a suitable FR/FR for the QC and perhaps I should just stick with my Headrush for the QC.

Very interesting. I just got the QC and have been using it with my powered Kemper Kabinet. I’m just playing at home, but about halfway up on the kabinet volume and halfway up on the QC is a very good home level. So nowhere near gigging volume!

make sure to up all the volumes including the output level (not just the big knob) so they are almost kicking on the limiter. I find this is the only way to get the QC loud enough usually