Why can't Factory presets be saved in place with modifications?

I am sure this question must have been asked by now, but a quick search didn’t surface it. Why can’t Factory presets be saved after they are modified? Easy enough to copy them to another preset and do this anyway.

Was this done so that unwitting users would not modify Factory presets in place, not realizing that perhaps Neural is probably not including Factory presets in the backup process. Seems like a reasonable assumption as it would be a total waste of their server storage space. A lot of users would never modify them. Backing them up would result in a ton of redundant, unmodified Factory presets on their servers. Total speculation, just trying to comprehend the reasoning for this.

Just curious, not an issue for me as I don’t tend to use Factory presets anyway, but it does seem like a waste of storage for those who would rather repurpose that space, or at least modify and save Factory presets with minimally, their own requirements for the input and output blocks. Anyway, not a big deal as those presets probably consume minimal space, just rather surprised me when I got my QC.

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Good question, probably like you said that the factory presets don’t get backed up as they are part of the firmware. Otherwise, I wish we could use that space for user created presets but as of now and the foreseeable future, they probably won’t change that. It might be so that every user starts on an equal ground for testing and trial and error etc., also makes it easier for support when troubleshooting. It’s a good question!

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