The ability to overwrite the factory presets

Some of these presets might be ok as starting points but they take up space for the most part. You can save them to the user bank but why are we not able to overwrite some preset that will never get used and isn’t contributing to our needs?

Here’s a previous discussion on this topic:

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I didn’t see any conversation in my search either. Another reason to post the question I suppose. It’s only a minor issue for me . The first thing I want to do with any gear is make my own presets and sounds. I don’t want to be stuck living with NDSP’s sounds / presets living along side within a device I use and personalize for my sounds. I don’t want to see them or know them or read the titles. Just my own personal thing. I might put the QC back in it’s box for a while and take a step back and look around at some other options. Lots to love but theres a very long way to go.

I also ignore the factory presets and build all of my own custom presets from the ground up to suit my needs. There’s enough memory space for me to make all of the presets I want, more than I will ever practically use, that the thought of needing to delete factory presets has never crossed my mind.

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Getting the modeler that is right for you is a worthwhile quest. I wouldn’t let the factory presets be a deciding issue for you though. As @DiffractionCircuit pointed out, there is plenty of additional space for presets.

Although Neural might still have a long way to go, you are coming into it when some fairly substantial additions appear to be right around the corner, including the editor. With that said, it comes down to what features are most important to you, and, if they are not here yet, how long you are willing to wait for them (including forever).

I will say this, I have spent time with the Helix, Fractal FM9, Boss GT-1000, and the QC. They are all excellent devices, each with their own very distinct strengths and shortcomings. There is a lot to love about the QC and you may want to give yourself a little time with it. It is a fantastic modeler with the best screen on the market, and no one else has put this many switches into such a compact footprint. That alone makes it singular in its readiness for travel or potential for placing on a pedalboard with other stomp pedals.

Good luck with whatever you land on, but the QC is truly worth giving a thorough trial. Lovin’ mine!

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Thanks for the insite. Iv’e been using my QC for a year and I agree alot with what you are saying. The overwrite preset thing is not a deal breaker all.

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