When doubler on quad cortex?

As title… now in archetype Petrucci.
As item it’s very useful for tone demo, or guitar/voice songs

Great suggestion, for now I’m using a ping pong delay synced to 1/64, but this is not optimal !

another way is to use splitter forcing the output (or pan with stereo out) on out1 and out 2 using different levels of distorsion/cabs… but this is all to do…

A block stereo doubler (fantastic for example Center Stereo of Waves) with a control of sections to double would be fantastic.


I’ve been requesting a stereo enhancer / doubler block for a while now, and have an open feature request on this thread already. I firmly believe it would be one of the best additions to the unit, freeing up a tonne of functionality and grid space for users. To achieve a doubled stereo image with the splitter takes up an entire row of signal chain. A stereo enhancer block would be ideal, but as per the Petrucci plugin, you could also have a doubler effect or ‘width’ control in the cab blocks that creates this automatically.

Yes, I’m waiting for that too. At the moment I am using a stereo delay in ping pong mode with 18 ms delay time and a little bit modulation, but as was written before, this is not optimal.

Same here, but simply doubling with a fixed delay presents some pretty bad phasing issues, particularly for high gain sounds and leads.

This is a good point