When doubler on quad cortex?

As title… now in archetype Petrucci.
As item it’s very useful for tone demo, or guitar/voice songs

Great suggestion, for now I’m using a ping pong delay synced to 1/64, but this is not optimal !

another way is to use splitter forcing the output (or pan with stereo out) on out1 and out 2 using different levels of distorsion/cabs… but this is all to do…

A block stereo doubler (fantastic for example Center Stereo of Waves) with a control of sections to double would be fantastic.


I’ve been requesting a stereo enhancer / doubler block for a while now, and have an open feature request on this thread already. I firmly believe it would be one of the best additions to the unit, freeing up a tonne of functionality and grid space for users. To achieve a doubled stereo image with the splitter takes up an entire row of signal chain. A stereo enhancer block would be ideal, but as per the Petrucci plugin, you could also have a doubler effect or ‘width’ control in the cab blocks that creates this automatically.


Yes, I’m waiting for that too. At the moment I am using a stereo delay in ping pong mode with 18 ms delay time and a little bit modulation, but as was written before, this is not optimal.

Same here, but simply doubling with a fixed delay presents some pretty bad phasing issues, particularly for high gain sounds and leads.

This is a good point

there are a few requests for a cortex version of the TC Electronic Mimiq pedal here, could we please get all these votes for doublers and the mimiq pedal merged into one?

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I usually use DAW software for doublers / wideners - I don’t think they work that well live or in any mono-collapsed signal but you’re right about demos and stuff.

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I disagree, If you are using in ear monitors on stage with a full band the difference for guitar is night and day if you apply a good stereo image to your signal chain and run in stereo. You then just need to be clever about where you tap your signal to send to mono/on stage cabs so that you don’t get any summing phase issues. I basically send my signal to mono via an fx send block just before my cab block and stereo outputs, and make sure all my delays and other fx aren’t panned or set to ping pong. As long as you place a doubler/enhancer type of effect block after your mono send, you can use the stereo main outs as a way to give your self a nice wide stereo image for monitoring purposes. The problem at the moment is it takes up an entire 4th row just to split the chain to a true stereo signal (2 cabs panned L&R) , and that is still only a ‘quasi stereo’ effect with a static delay set to <10ms running into a second cab block. Phasing issues still present.

I mean sure, if the sound guy is willing to work with you on that and give you a panned stereo mix. Depends on your band and the venue/gig size, whether you get dedicated sound check and setup, how many guitars you have, etc. I’m not saying they won’t work - I’m just saying that the nuance of that effect is easily lost in a punk/rock band kind of setting and the fact that almost all of the audience is off center anyway.

Also not saying I wouldn’t like to have the feature. Just pointing out that there are very good dedicated DAW side plugins can provide a more useful implementation anyway, if you’re not using it live.

its not about FOH. I understand that sound guys don’t take a stereo mix for the house (i run a mono signal to a cab or to FOH separately, and my band runs in-ear sends to our own console BEFORE the sound guy is involved). But when you have a full band all on in-ears you certainly don’t lose the effect of having your guitar in a stereo image when its going straight in to your head. Try mono, then switch to stereo and its almost impossible to go back.

It would be really nice to add some kind of stereo doubler effect pedal, like the Mimiq Doubler from TC Electronics; especially to use with different signal paths, like using two amps and cabs to get a really nice stereo sound.

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there’s an easy way to get that thickening widening sound: you have your stereo paths panned hard L/R and run a very short mono delay on one signal path with the mix up 100%.


Mmm yea I know about this trick. The Mimiq does a bit more than this though. It alters the signal a bit to add “mistakes” so it’s not the same signal going L and R.

The delay trick could a good replacement; for now…

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totally agree here - this would eliminate the need to chew up a whole row just to get a stereo widening effect

There is another feature request on this with lots of votes - admin please merge


Yes, can this please be merged with When doubler on quad cortex?

A mimic type effect would be awesome. There’s a ton of presets that include multi amp/cab combos and this would be very awesome to have for those types of scenarios!

I agree the mimic does more than time based modeller, however, the Mimiq has a serious glitch in that sometimes the doubling algorithm goes in and out of phase and sometimes the stereo sound collapses when both channels use the same algorithm. I do like the Mimiq idea, but in practice it seriously needs some improvements to do what it is meant to do IMHO.

hey, sorry for just now seeing this! moved and delivered :sunglasses: