TC Electronic mimiq alternative

Hello everyone, I recently discovered the Mimiq Pedal and listened to some demos on YouTube. It’s not just an ordinary spreader or detune; it operates based on frequencies, velocity, and sounds really impressive. I’m considering buying one to integrate into my live gig setup. However, before I make a decision, I’d like to ask if there’s any way to implement something similar within the Quad Cortex or if there are any plans to introduce such a feature in the future?

there is the ‘doubler’ effect on the Petrucci Plugin, and it’s assumed that it will make its way to the QC eventually. You could DL the free demo and see if that effect is close to what you’re looking for, but it will probably be quite some time before it gets ported to the QC.

Yes exactly. My guess that they did the same thing with the Petrucci plugin because he uses the Mimiq live.
And yes, it will take time before we see that in the QC, so I think that ill get the Mimiq soon…

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