Whatever happened the new power supplies?

Many of us had ground hum when the unit was t plugged into something like a grounded pa speaker. We got put on a list to get new power supplies a really long time ago. There have been some excuses regarding development it that too was a long time ago. We’ve heard nothing more about this in a very long time. So what’s going on? Are they coming? Has Neural just decided that they aren’t going to follow through on their promise of new power supplies? The possibilities are endless, but the lack of communication speaks volumes.

I’m also curious about this. There was a flurry of angst and activity on forums related to the QC power supply and/or grounding/noise issues.

I just got my QC a few days ago and in the short time I’ve had it I have not had a lot of problems with this, but I do need to have a backup power supply on hand and if there is any updated PS for the QC, I’d sure like to know about it.