What to look for or watch out for in used QC?

I’m Looking to get a secondhand quad core and I’ve been reviewing issues people are reporting in these threads and over the Internet with Issues with updates, power supplies etc. At some point I’m gonna pick up a quad core but I’m wondering if there are better versions or models to be looking for than others? Date of manufacture, etc.? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

I’ve been on the forum for about three months but haven’t read about any problems related directly to a manufacturing date range. To the contrary, the QC seems to be very dependable from a hardware standpoint. Most problems seem to be software related or user error. I think that, if you do encounter an issue, it can probably be remedied via a software update, a global reset or reloading the current OS.

If you try out a QC for possible purchase, just make sure that every foot switch functions properly as a switch and control pot and that the volume knob works properly. Also, test the touch screen thoroughly to make sure that it’s fully functioning. Testing every jack and the wifi card my not be possible from the trunk of some guy’s 97’ Corolla. :stuck_out_tongue: :man_shrugging:

That being said, with most used QCs selling for close-to or as much as a new unit, why take a chance and not have a warranty?

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Thanks Pete, I did find one selling for a reasonable price, but once I started asking any detailed questions, the conversation dried up. I’m a patient man I can wait for the right deal I want to be prepared to know what to look for, appreciate the advice! Oh, and if I were to buy a new one, I’ll be waiting until they have all the bugs worked out and have the desktop interface.

It’s a computer…are ALL the bugs ever worked out? :grin: So far, mine has been pretty much bullet proof. Glad to help, good luck with your hunt.