What pedals are you using with you QC?

I’m building a lean pedal board for my QC. I was wondering which pedals you use externally since the QC can’t compare. So far I’ve added essential utilities and a Fuzz pedal, but I wonder if an eq or a compressor pedal would preform better than the QC.

Tuner (ease of separate pedal), Digitech Whammy Ricochet (can’t be replicated and need both expression pedals), TC Electronic Ditto X2 (easy access to looper), Digitech Obscura Delay (ease of separate delay for extra bits/noise between songs).

I could probably lose the looper and delay, but tuner and Whammy will probably always be needed.

Boss SY-200. Synth sounds are the only thing I need, the QC doesn’t have.

Fortin Zuul, Digitech Bass Whammy and a Line6 G50 Wireless Receiver are the only other things living on my board next to the QC :slightly_smiling_face:

Meris LVX is the only other pedal I use, it does things the QC can’t yet.

Lots of users have the Microcosm in their fx loop, or the FreqOut. I see Chase Bliss pedals a lot too.

Main pedalboard digs:

  • Boss RE-2 Space Echo – my main delay, the QC’s tape echo doesn’t compare to this
  • Boss MD-500 Modulation
  • Boss DD-500 Digital Delay – If QC would ever get some sort of Slow Gear / auto-fade-in block, I would consider removing this
  • Empress Zoia
  • Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine
  • Earthquaker Devices Astral Destiny – QC’s shimmer reverb doesn’t do everything this can do

Other pedals in rotation:

  • EHX Mainframe – still waiting for a bit crusher block for the QC!
  • Earthquaker Plumes, Special Cranker, Hizumitas – I’m lazy and haven’t bothered with making captures of these, plus using the actual pedals is more fun

Just 2; an OG Bogner Harlow, which I can’t bring myself to sell, as it’s a great ‘make gooderer’, especially for cleans (and I got stiffed on VAT and import buying from the US, I’ll likely lose substantially if I sell)

Also a JHS Colourbox v2. This one’s super versatile, and can be quite different beginning or end of chain. If used just as an EQ, I can capture presets with it, which is super handy. However it’s also got quite a unique gritty drive which goes to fuzz if you really push it, and so far my captures don’t quite reproduce the bloom, so this will likely stay a while too.