What does the EQ Link switch do?

Forgive me, but I’m finding a little ambiguity surrounding what the EQ link switch does. It’s not mentioned in the manual from what I can find.

Besides this, absolutely loving the plugin, it’s totally giving life to everything I put it on.

in the DarkGlass plugin there are two models, and You can switch between these by a switch on the lower left corner:
B7U - MicroTubes B7U Ultra
VDU - Vintage Ultra

You can link the two pedals’ EQ with the link switch. So the EQ can be on the same settings for both when switching back and forth between the 2 pedals. Or you can unlink the EQ so you can have two different EQ settings for the two pedals.

I hope this helps.

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Oh man… that’s pretty straightforward. Thanks for taking the time to answer! :sweat_smile: