What are your favorite headphones you use with the QC?

Hello everyone. I am using my Sennheiser 58X with the unit. These are open back headphones. They sound okay. I would love to hear what you are listening with and any tricks you have used to get better sound, especially when routing music from your computer to play along with on your guitar. Thanks.

I use some DT 880 Pros but you’ll need a headphone preamp since they got 250 Ohms. I also used them with the Kemper “back in the days” and for some mixing. They are half closed. Rock ’n’ Roll!

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I use my favourites a AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Signature Reference-Class.
Very open sounding, just like a pair of speakers!

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Audio-Technica ATH M50X.

Bought them when I had the Kemper Stage, brought both the Kemper and my guitar to my local shop and tried every pair of headphones they had. M50X stood out in case of best sound and most natural sound without boosting some frequencies. I can make a preset at home while listening through headphones and be sure it will sound great through the PA.



Thanks for sharing. You hit on a key point that is important for my setup. I play through a PA at church and definitely need a good reference for the tweaks I do that will help with actual sound on Sunday. I will check them out! :sunglasses::guitar::sunglasses:

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But always keep Fletcher-Munson (Equal-loudness contour - Wikipedia) in mind. It’ll never sound the same.

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As reference i play through my Focal Alpha 65 Monitors and the M50X Sound perfect for my taste. I love them!