Just Ordered new Headphones

I’m sitting here a a Hotel Typing this with no headphones, as my Audio Technica ATH M50x are sitting in my flipped over semi. I hit black ice yesterday morning.

My guitar and QC survived the crash, and me too more importantly.

I will probably get them later, and they are great headphones, but I would hear clipping , and not so tight of a bottom end with the QC that drove me nuts. It almost made me return the QC.

After reading a lot here I was going to get the SH 560s, or the 990 pro 250 ohm which are both open back, but went with the 770 pro 80 ohm closed back.

They should be shipped out soon, and I will report back in a couple weeks when I get home.


Glad to hear that you are okay. God bless and keep you.

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I think you will be pleased with the Beyer!
Glad you are ok, that’s the most important part!

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