What about dog poop?

The title is partly in jest but: the with the knobs also being the footswitches, what are your thoughts on how sanitary this is? Have the materials/design been chosen with this in mind?

I’m not too worried about it in my own house or rehearsal space but the floors in venues can be real nasty. :grimacing:

(yes this is also a problem with the Helix touch-sensitive switches but you’ll touch them on the QC way more)

Ya, that is a problem with any of these types of devices that we step on, that is why a good computer /iPad etc editor is really necessary, for adjustments at the shows, and a good desinfectant that won’t damage the unit will be necessary.

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Litetally everybody I know, myself included use hands to program and switch things in Helixes, Kempers, looper switchers, pedals etc. Every Youtuber switches with his hands while showing things. So…


…dunno, maybe drink gallons of alcohol to get rid of bacteria from inside? Avoid stepping on poo? If there is alcohol left, clean the switches with it after every gig? Only use the touch screen or the computer / tablet pc editor? Concentrate more on music to just forget about poo on your fingers?

If there is one thing learned from the pandemic its that you can buy hand sanitizer wipes packaged individually in a matchbook sized packet. You can put a half dozen in each pocket and not even remember you have them they’re so compact…