".wav is too large. And will be excluded"

Hi everyone.
I’m desperately trying to upload some IR larger than 1 MB and cortex cloud says: “XXX.wav is too large. And will be excluded”. Cannot I really upload any IR larger than 1MB? Why? Have anyone come across the same issue? I look around in this forum and on the web and found anything.

Thank you.

Any reason why the IR wav file is so large? I dont own one IR that is 1MB. Curious as to why its so large?

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The question is compelling and the answer is… I don’t know!
I downloaded the IR from Leon Todd Dropbox link that you can find in the description of its last video about quad cortex on youtube
He claims he is using that same IR file… So I thought a normal people like me could you use it too…

That IR is over 1024 on his dropbox. The ir’s on his profile below work fine.

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Thank for all the answer.
I solved the issue trimming the .wav files from 10s to 2s within my DAW.