AC30 tone in fortin cali

Hi all. First post here. I know this may seem a strange request but has anyone experimented with producing any AC30ish tones out of Fortin Cali? (clean)

I’m nowhere near an amp “expert” and unfortunately it’s been a long time since I’ve owned a decent valve amp but using “chime” as a starting point I seem to be getting closer to the sound I’m after. I’ve found that using the “input”, I can get from a Marvin clean to a bit more “on the edge” early beatles tone.

Again I’m no expert and I don’t have an AC30 to compare to but was just wondering…

I really like the fortin clean for well, clean stuff. The most enjoyable clean amp sim I’ve ever played. Was going to demo “Tone King” but I want to try and use what I have before falling prey to my “must have something new” tendency…:rofl: