VST loader block

…would be cool if QC could load VST plugins.
I wouldn’t mind if this was somehwhat limited in funcionality,
but I guess it could be the easiest way to open up QC to other DSP software.

I love the idea, especially for my favorite plug-ins like Moog’s Moogerfooger suite, and some Fabfilter and Korneff Audio stuff.

But I think implementing this into QC would be beyond difficult due to operating system compatibility + licensing issues.

hi @DiffractionCircuit ,

  • licensing issues yes, but IMHO it would be ok to be limited to ‘freeware’ VST
    (while neural would probably still have to deal with licensing VST support anyway)
  • system compatibility yes, and this seems to be the harder part.
    QC is running some kind of embedded linux, and after a tiny bit of research, things turn out to be quite complicated.
    Actually, VST isn’t really what I’m after, it’s more about opening QC to DIY DSP in some way…
    I called this topic ‘VST blocks’ with the assumption a lot of people know what VST’s are.
    Sheer populism :wink:
    opening up QC to DIY DSP could be done a lot easier via pure data , be means of implementing libPd